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Music Lovers in India as well as many overseas countries are familiar with the brand name 'Pakrashi & Company' as the renowned Indian manufacturer and exporter of musical instruments like electronic musical instruments, string instruments, etc......

An Introduction

Experience is one of those wonderful string of life, which helps you to identify a mistake and rectify it. Taking this experience of about 90 years as leverage, Pakrashi Harmonium has become proficient in the artistry of making harmonium. The company is a unique creator of harmonium, and musical instruments like electronic musical instruments, string instruments, etc., which embellish the three important elements of music-melody, harmony and rhythm. We have relentlessly experimented with the development of atonal music and over the years we have undergone several qualitative refinements and various improvements resulting in a more dependable and contemporary musical instruments, used in several music styles. We have dependable associations with reliable vendors to sustain our position of professional electronic musical instruments manufacturer from Kolkata. These electronic instruments produce sound with the concept of electronics and include a control panel for its adjustment via increasing/decreasing its frequency, pitch or duration of every note.

Maestro.... we served

For many decades, we are offering quality digital musical instruments, harmoniums and others to schools, colleges, musical institutes etc. In addition to more than thousand satisfied customers in different parts of the world, we boasts of a number of prominent names in our clientele. It includes the world's celebrated maestros such as Jagjit Singh, late Salil Chowdhury, Pt. Ravi Shankar, Shri V. Balsara, and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. All of them have been using our electronic musical instruments, string instruments (chordophones), and others for ages.

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