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» Raagini Digital


Raagini Digital
This instrument is known as Raagini Digital. The perfect accessory to adore your voice.
Raagini Digital-N/A
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Colour : N/A

Special features:

The six black knobs has the following functions: a) Volume- On/Off switch to manipulate volume. b) Ni Manual- To fine tune the note Ni. c) Sa Fine - To fine tune the note Sa. d) Sa Main - To adjust the scale. e) Tone - To avail the facility of gents and ladies tanpura. f) Tempo - To adjust the different tempos. g) Sur Select - The unique facility to select the Pancham,Madhyam or the Nikhad as the sixth string.

Technical specifications:
  • It can be played at 220V or 110V.
  • It has provisions for external speakers.
  • Power consumption is 5W(approx).
  • It can also be operated by battery.

Special Offers


Pakrashi & Co.
Scale Changer Harmonium (C/P-010) - Mahogany + Saarang Maestro DX (SM-6)
Scale Changer Harmonium

Pakrashi & Co.
Saarang Maestro DX


Pakrashi & Co.
Scale Changer Harmonium. Scale Changer Harmonium (C/R-010) - Saarang Maestro DX (SM-6)

Pakrashi & Co.
Saarang Maestro DX


Pakrashi & Co.
Portable Harmonium (P/35-020) - Black + Saarang Maestro DX (SM-6)
Portable Harmonium

Pakrashi & Co.
Saarang Maestro DX


Pakrashi & Co.
Regular Harmonium (R/3.5-021) - Natural Wood + Raagini Digital (ETA-02)
Regular Harmonium

Pakrashi & Co.
Raagini Digital


Pakrashi & Co.
Professional Sitar

Pakrashi & Co.
Raagini Digital


Pakrashi & Co.
Professional Sarood

Pakrashi & Co.
Raagini Digital

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